a blog about cute girls and monstrous boyfriends

This is a blog where I post cute girls (ok and sometimes not girls) and the monsters, robots, aliens, and supernatural beings they love.
Occasionally NSFW.
Recommendations: http://monsterboyfriends.tumblr.com/tagged/monster+media

About & Submission Rules

This blog is run by Mod S and Mod K, who are dumb people who like monster dudes too much

submission rules

  • try to source if you can find it (google’s reverse image search is very helpful for this)
  • nsfw art is allowed, but NO RAPE
  • underage characters are allowed, but NOT IN NSFW IMAGES
  • written stuff is allowed to but I don’t think we’ll be getting much of that
  • the blog title specifies girls with monster boyfriends, but boys with monster boyfriends and girls with monster girlfriends are welcome too!
  • due to the fact that we focus specifically on aft/writing/etc involving relationships, we do not accept pinups of single characters, even if we like them a lot ourselves. Sorry!
  • If you are the artist of a piece you want featured on our blog, please feel free to send us a link to your post! We are more than happy to reblog it directly from you.